Global Supplier for Testing Kits Compatible with the AT-1000 Abrasion Tester
 Global Supplier for Testing Kits Compatible with the AT-1000 Abrasion Tester 


Monday, July 23, 2018


Duncan Associates is celebrating 30 years as the supplier of Einlehner Abrasive testing products for industrial minerals.


The AT-1000 machine continues to serve the paper coating needs and is now being used in the cosmetic field, toothpaste plus the paint and automotive industries.


The AT-1000 machine has not been in production since the passing of Mr. Einlehner 4 years ago. We are pleased to announce that the machine is now available thru Duncan Associates. Our test kits for the AT-1000 continue to produce accurate results in calculating the abrasiveness of industrial minerals.


We look forward to supplying our customers with our products and service for many years to come.



Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I would like to update you on the changes in distribution and production of the Einlehner test kits and future parts for the Einlehner AT1000 abrasion-testing machine. Duncan Associates has been the North American distributor for Mr. Einlehner since 1986. Mr. Einlehner passed away 2 years ago leaving no inventory for the test kits. Realizing the need for the kits in the industrial minerals industry, I decided to undertake the task to research and produce the kits. Duncan Associates has been successful with achieving this. The kits, which are composed of three components, bronze mesh screens, stainless steel backing plates and PVC abraders are now ready for distribution.  While doing our research we discovered that the PVC abraders have a shelf life of more or less 5-years, during which time they begin to harden, causing higher abrasion values than when the batch was first received.  We encourage our customers to have multiple recent tests on the same mineral sample to compare to the results with the new abraders.   For consistency of results a mathematical factor will be required. Several companies are already using the kits here and in Europe. Needless to say, there has been a price increase. Research, the Euro exchange rate and manufacturing costs here in the U.S. have affected the price increase.


I will continue to update our customers on the progress of Duncan Associates, the #1 producer and supplier of industrial mineral abrasion test equipment.




Lynda Duncan


Duncan Associates



























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