Global Supplier for Testing Kits Compatible with the AT-1000 Abrasion Tester
 Global Supplier for Testing Kits Compatible with the AT-1000 Abrasion Tester 

Welcome to Duncan Associates – A Global Supplier of Abrasion Testing Equipment for Industrial Minerals.


About us:


Duncan Associates is a global supplier of abrasion testing kits for Einlehner AT-1000. In 1986 Duncan Associates began a longstanding partnership with Mr. Hans Einlehner, the original inventor of the AT-1000. Duncan Associates has supplied Einlehner products to North American customers in the paper and other industries who rely on accurate calibration of the abrasiveness of industrial minerals.


Duncan Associates is further expanding our sales territory to cover our international market.


Franklin Bacon will be in charge of International Sales and will also serve as technical advisor. Mr. Bacon has over 40 years of experience in the production of fine mineral pigments used in the paper, paint, ceramic, insulation and construction markets.


Lynda Duncan will continue to serve the North Ameican sales territory.



In house production of the AT 1000 test kits is now underway with performance accuracy to that of the original Eilehner AT 1000 test kits.


We project the production of the AT 1000 tester to be available in the near future.


With the availability of both the test kits and the machines, Duncan Associates will be able to supply our global customers with products that will insure the most accurate method for abrasion testing of industrial minerals.



























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